Baltimore Ravens Schedule: Second Half Breakdown

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The Baltimore Ravens are having a rough year to say the least. Very few people expected this team to go 2-6 through the first half of the season, but it is difficult for any team to take on four West Coast games in two months and expect success.

The Ravens do not have time to dwell on the past as they still have eight games to go to possibly turn things around. Some players think that this team is capable of winning out the rest of the way, but there is little reason to believe that is possible. You expect the players to have confidence that they will win. The moment your team begins to question itself is when you seriously start considering personnel changes. But the Ravens are a confident bunch who are used to winning. They have the coaching staff that can turn things around. A lot of these guys do not know what it is like to lose in the NFL.

Not that it cannot be done, but the idea of winning eight straight is unrealistic. Anyone who thinks the schedule is about to get easier has some homework to do. Or you can just continue reading here.

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We did a breakdown of the schedule leading up to the regular season, and a lot has changed since. No one expected that the Cincinnati Bengals would be undefeated at this point. Few thought that the Oakland Raiders would be playoff hopefuls, but if the season ended today, they are in. The numbers of injures around the league are alarming and they can change a team’s hopes at any moment.

None of the eight games remaining are a gimme. Each team presents their own challenges that will make it difficult for the Ravens to accomplish the crazy idea of winning out. In reality, expecting them to win five of the eight is reasonable. Or they could go 2-6 again. Lose them all. The inconsistency of this team makes it hard to predict where things will go from here.

The team will take this weekend off before preparing for their Week 10 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars. For a breakdown of every opponent remaining, continue through to see what is to come for the Ravens.

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