When will the Baltimore Orioles have a winning record again?

The Baltimore Orioles rebuild has officially begun with the departure of All-Star Manny Machado.

Trading Manny Machado was one of first of many trades the Baltimore Orioles need to make in order for the rebuilding process to begin sooner rather than later. The good news about the 2018 Baltimore Orioles is that they already have players that are cornerstones of the team to help.

It shouldn’t be another 14 years before the Orioles have a winning record, but who knows what will happen with the players that they acquire. Would you still support the team again if they didn’t have another winning record for the next five seasons?

The Orioles front office, scouting department and minor league structure from 1998-2012 was terrible at the time. I’ve got more confidence now that the Orioles have hit on some of the more recent prospects and are making an impact down on the farm.

To bridge the gap and bring in some winning teams to Baltimore, the Orioles have Austin Hays, Cedric Mullins, Kevin Gausman, Chance Sisco, and newly acquired outfielder Yusniel Diaz. Hopefully, those players will make the rebuilding process a quick one and bring a winner out of the Orioles within three seasons.

The Houston Astros had the blueprint for going through a rebuild. They told the fans what they were going to do, and in 2017 they won the World Series and are probably even better in 2018. The New York Yankees also went through a small rebuild and it didn’t take them long to build a championship caliber team.

Baltimore isn’t going to do what the Yankees did that fast, but at least the pieces that the Orioles have will make the rebuilding process easier to handle. Let’s just hope the fans will support the team no matter how long it takes.

As a fan of the Baltimore Orioles, would you still support the organization if it suffered another 14 years of losing?