Expect Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco to Have a Pro Bowl Type Season

BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Joe Flacco
BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 27: Quarterback Joe Flacco /

You saw how well Joe Flacco played after the bye week in 2017, so expect Flacco to make his first Pro Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens.

A healthy Joe Flacco coming into the 2018 Baltimore Ravens training camp is a good sign so far. As you know, last season Flacco had a bad back and missed all of camp which hindered his development with his receivers and hurt the offense.

Once he got healthy after the bye week, he put up great numbers and lead the Ravens to some important wins down the stretch. Even Flacco to put up even better numbers in 2018.

Now that he’s healthy to start training camp, he’s got plenty of time to get in rhythm with his new offensive receivers and tight ends. It’ll be good if Michael Crabtree, Willie Snead, and John Brown all have productive seasons under Flacco.

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If that happens, then the Baltimore Ravens will surely make the playoffs and Joe Flacco will make his first ever Pro Bowl.

I’m sure Flacco isn’t all that concerned about making the Pro Bowl as he his a Super Bowl winner and Super Bowl MVP QB, but it’ll shut all the haters up. Joe Flacco hasn’t had the type of offensive weapons like he has now so this is his best opportunity.

He should be motivated knowing that the Ravens drafted his heir apparent in Lamar Jackson. Any little mistake and it could cost him his starting job. A lot of fans are probably rooting for Jackson to start the season behind center, but Joe Flacco is still the man right now.

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The Baltimore Ravens haven’t had a quarterback in the Pro Bowl since Vinny Testaverde so it would be great to see another Ravens quarterback make it. Here’s to Joe Flacco putting up great numbers in 2018 and making his first ever Pro Bowl with the Baltimore Ravens.