What Would a Championship Do For the City of Baltimore?

As you can see in Washington, but a championship run can unite a town and that’s what Baltimore needs.

It’s going to be a while before one of the Baltimore teams win a championship unless Joe Flacco and the Ravens prove that they are contenders again.  Most fans are hopeful, but they’ve been trending down for the last few seasons.

The Orioles are on the other hand are about to be in rebuild mode and who knows how long it will take for them to be a contender again. Can we see another 14 years of losing?  Let’s hope that that doesn’t happen again.

What the Washington Capitals did throughout the Stanley Cup Playoffs was incredible and it brought the fans in D.C. and Baltimore together.  That’s what Baltimore needs in order to bring the city together and unite everyone.

Even in 2012, the Ravens last Super Bowl win brought the fans together like no other and it was a great thing for the city. Everything else since then has been a struggle for the city. Attendance is down at both Ravens and Oriole games and it’s just not the same.

Ownership needs to realize that when you build a championship team, you will ignite the fan base and then they will be excited to see the product on the field. The more winners you have in town, the better it is for everyone.

What I hope happened for Peter Angelos and Steve Biscotti is that they saw how special and how amazing the fans response to the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup run was and that they will do whatever it takes to bring more championships to the city of Baltimore.  Wouldn’t it be nice for Baltimore for to be one of the best sports towns?

Let’s make Baltimore a city of champions and unite everyone.