Baltimore Orioles: 5 Potential Trade Targets for This Offseason

BOSTON, MA - MAY 4: Joey Rickard
BOSTON, MA - MAY 4: Joey Rickard /
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ATLANTA, GA – JUNE 22: Right fielder Nick Markakis
ATLANTA, GA – JUNE 22: Right fielder Nick Markakis /

3. Nick Markakis – OF, Atlanta Braves

Look me in the eyes and honestly tell me you wouldn’t welcome Nick Markakis back with open arms? You know you would.

The former Oriole for nine years has been in Atlanta since 2015 and he’s shown that he can still hit the ball, even if he’s 34-years-old now.

Last season, Markakis slashed .275/.354/.384 with eight home runs, 76 runs, and 76 RBIs. That’s a perfectly fine year, and Markakis has shown year after year that he’s solid for a batting average of at least .270 and an OBP of at least .340, all above-average numbers.

No, Markakis doesn’t have much in the way of power, but that’s not what the Baltimore Orioles need. In fact, if the Orioles have an abundance of one thing, it’s guys who hit for a lot of power and a low avearge. Nick Markakis gives them a balance that they could use, a guy who can knock in runs and get on base.

The Braves are looking to move either Markakis or Matt Kemp to make room for top-prospect Ronald Acuna, so they’re motivated, and Markakis would likely be inexpensive. Plus, wouldn’t it just be nice to have him finish out his career in Baltimore?