Baltimore Orioles: 5 Potential Trade Targets for This Offseason

BOSTON, MA - MAY 4: Joey Rickard
BOSTON, MA - MAY 4: Joey Rickard /
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ST. LOUIS, MO – SEPTEMBER 9: Randal Grichuk
ST. LOUIS, MO – SEPTEMBER 9: Randal Grichuk /

4. Randal Grichuk – OF, St. Louis Cardinals

Randal Grichuk has been really up and down in his young career. His first year playing essentially a full season with the Cardinals was good, as he slashed .276/.329/.548 with 17 home runs, 49 runs, and 47 RBIs. Nothing incredible, but certainly a solid and promising year.

But the past two years, his batting average has dropped, hitting .240 and .238 respectively, mostly because of some plate discipline problems as best-evidenced by his strikeout rate which has consistently hovered around 30%.

He’s got good power though, hitting 24 home runs in 2016 and 22 home runs last year, he’s shown that he can be a good power hitter as long as you can deal with the poor batting average.

It seems though, that the Cardinals aren’t too interested in dealing with that batting average. They sent him to the minors midseason both last year and the year before, and it seems that they’re growing impatient with him.

Add in the fact that the Cardinals have loads of outfielders and you can see why they may be motivated to trade him away and let someone else deal with him.

It’s important to note that Grichuk, a former first-round pick, is still just 26-years-old, there’s still time for him to make adjustments and fix his plate discipline. Baltimore could be the place for him to do that, and if he does, he could be a valuable asset in the lineup.