Baltimore Ravens: 5 Questions With Factory of Sadness

BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 10: Running back Duke Johnson
BALTIMORE, MD - NOVEMBER 10: Running back Duke Johnson /

The Baltimore Ravens play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, and we sat down with FanSided Cleveland blog Factory of Sadness for some questions on the game.

The Baltimore Ravens play the Cleveland Browns on Sunday in their Week 2 matchup. We sat down with FanSided Cleveland blog Factory of Sadness to ask some questions ahead of the Ravens matchup against the Browns. Here’s what they said:

The Baltimore Wire: I think it’s fair to call the Browns the underdogs in this matchup. What do they need to do to win this one?

Factory of Sadness: Cleveland’s main adjustments will be on offense. DeShone Kizer must learn fast not to hold onto the ball for long. If he does, he will get sacked multiple times. It is put up or shut up time for Isaiah Crowell. With a much-improved line in front of him, Crowell cannot afford a [Week 1] repeat. The wide receivers also must catch the ball and stop being so inconsistent. If at least two of three happens, Cleveland will at the very least make it interesting.

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TBW: Do you think DeShone Kizer will be able to keep the Baltimore Ravens’ defense off-balance?

FoS: Kizer can keep the Ravens’ defense off-balance, but how much exactly remains to be seen as it goes back to his progressions and holding the ball. He will do better than he did last week, but I don’t believe he will completely fix his mistakes in one week. Baltimore’s defense shouldn’t be too surprised, but Kizer will make some plays that will make fans say wow!

TBW: Last year, the Baltimore Ravens threw the ball a ton, but in Week 1, they showed a more run-focused attack. What strategy do you think they should go with this week against the Browns defense?

FoS: To put themselves in the best position possible, Baltimore would be wise to focus on the passing game. Cleveland’s front seven is very talented but their secondary and passing defense are concerning areas.

TBW:  If the Browns get a full season out of Jamie Collins, how much do you think he and Myles Garrett amp up the Browns’ front seven?

FoS: The duo of Collins and Garrett (whenever he gets healthy) leading the front seven has the potential to improve the run defense so much that the could be in the top 10 at the end of the season. Hopefully, their respective impact also improves the secondary’s play long-term.

TBW: Who’s the key receiver the Baltimore Ravens should be focusing on, Kenny Britt or Corey Coleman? Why?

FoS: Definitely not Kenny Britt. Britt can’t catch a cold and his issues with previous teams are being more evident in Cleveland as the weeks progress. So, by default, it is Corey Coleman. He worked well with Kizer in the preseason and that should continue weekly. The more comfortable Kizer gets, the more targets Coleman should expect. After all, there are not many other options Kizer could rely on.

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Our thanks to Factory of Sadness for answering our questions in anticipation of Sunday’s game! Be sure to check out their site for any of your Browns or other Cleveland sports coverage and analysis!