2016 NFL Draft: Baltimore Ravens Full NFL Mock Draft

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The Baltimore Ravens are in position to come out of the 2016 NFL Draft with a strong rookie class thanks to seven picks in the first four rounds.

Many organizations would panic coming off one of their most disappointing seasons in franchise history. Not the Baltimore Ravens. General Manager Ozzie Newsome methodically reloads to put his team back in the playoff hunt.

Newsome became the Ravens GM in 2002, and since taking over the position, the team has only had two losing seasons. What is more impressive is how he has responded after those tough seasons.

Many have felt that Baltimore has been uncharacteristically active this offseason. A look back at Ozzie’s moves after the 2005 and 2007 seasons show that he made some tough decisions for the franchise, but got them back to winning in a hurry.

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The 2006 season was the beginning of what would become nearly a decade of winning. They cut Peter Boulware and Orlando Brown, and it would be the last the NFL saw of Deion Sanders. Jamal Lewis, Bart Scott and Jarrett Johnson were all re-signed that offseason. Ed Reed signed a contract extension.  They added Trevor Pryce in free agency and traded for Steve McNair. All of the aforementioned names are some of the best in Ravens history.

The turning point that made the Ravens perennial winners was the 2008 offseason. Jonathan Ogden and McNair both retired that offseason. Terrell Suggs was a pending free agent and was slapped with the franchise tag. He did not sign his tender until mid-August after threatening to miss games for a new deal. At the time, it looked like rock bottom for this franchise after two losing seasons in three years.

Each of those losing seasons resulted in the Ozzie getting the two highest draft picks he’s had since becoming GM. He drafted Haloti Ngata in the first round in 2006, who was a force until the Ravens traded him last year. They also landed Sam Koch in that draft, who might be the best punter in the game now.

The Ravens 2008 draft began with the selection of franchise quarterback Joe Flacco. They added Ray Rice in the second round, who was a terrific player for them before being blacklisted by the NFL for his incident in Atlantic City. 

Baltimore made the playoffs following each losing season, advancing to the AFC Championship Game in Flacco’s rookie season. Little did we know that it would be the first of three conference championship games that Flacco would start for this organization.

Newsome is coming off another losing season and is once again attacking the team’s flaws to get back on top. They cleared a lot of cap space this offseason and used that money to sign Eric Weddle, Ben Watson and Mike Wallace. Ozzie also has the sixth pick to work with, the highest choice since taking over the role.

The track record shows us he will make the right choices and get the Ravens back into the playoffs this season. He has picked apart free agency and now enters the draft without too many glaring needs to press about. The Ravens can stick to their “draft the best player available” approach with the moves they have made this offseason.

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Baltimore has seven picks in the first four rounds so they can reload in a hurry. They do not hold picks in the fifth and seventh round from trades that they made last season, but have two picks in the sixth round to close out their draft preparation.

Now is when you get to poke fun at me for either having a mind like Ozzie or being completely off the wall. That is a decision you will have to make.

Without further ado, here is the first full Ravens mock draft from us at The Baltimore Wire.

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