Ed Reed is not the man for the Miami Hurricanes, yet


Former Baltimore Ravens safety and surefire Hall of Famer Ed Reed made a shocking statement today that he would be interested in becoming the Miami Hurricanes next head coach. The Hurricanes are in search of new coach after dismissing Al Golden on Sunday following an embarrassing 58-0 loss at the hands of the Clemson Tigers.

Reed appeared on The Rich Eisen Show this morning and was asked which direction The U should go with their next head coach. The question was not about him coaching in the future, but he let everyone know that if the phone rings, he will listen.

“The NBA did it with Jason Kidd. I even thought about it. They can put my name in the mix for a coaching job or something like that. It seems like the partnership between players and coaches, the head coach’s job is to manage everybody, manage the game, and help the offensive and defensive coordinators make the best decisions. And they help him do the same thing. I haven’t received a call from a 305 number. I would definitely listen, would go and talk and want to know what they’re looking to do. I would entertain it. I’m at a different place in my life right now, working out, training, coaching from afar, helping guys out, high school, college and pro alike. I definitely would entertain it.”

The Hurricanes have not been the powerhouse that they once were since the early 2000s when Larry Coker was at the helm. They have failed to reach double-digit wins since 2003 and their last bowl win was in 2006. Maybe bringing back a player that had the swagger that Miami had in the past will spark the turnaround the program has been in search of for a decade.

There is no denying that Reed certainly does have the intelligence to be a head coach. Part of the reason he was so successful as a player is that he knew where to be at all times. He made plays throughout the field because he studied more film than other players. Those are things you look for in a future head coach.

The problem is Reed has no coaching experience at all and it’s difficult to imagine Miami giving someone with no resume the keys to the Ferrari. The Hurricanes are hopeful that they can lure a big-name coach that will get the program back on course. Reed would be a fantastic addition as an assistant, but there is a lot more to coaching than just “manage everybody, manage the game, and help the offensive and defensive coordinators make the best decisions.”

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The comparisons to Jason Kidd does make some sense. Kidd’s playing career came to an end following the 2012-2013 NBA season. Only a few days later, he was named the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. He now is in charge of a Milwaukee Bucks team that he turned from a franchise-worst 15 win club to one that advanced to the playoffs with a 41-41 record.

So why could Reed not do it?

There is a huge difference between managing 15 players as opposed to 100 or more. It is much easier to handle the every day operations when you can interact with every single player daily. Football coaches simply cannot do it as the numbers are too large.

The other key factor is that Kidd is coaching professionally, not collegiality. Kidd has a team full of young talent that could make some noise in the Eastern Conference this year. Basketball is also a more wide-open game in which coaching does not impact every single play.

College football is a different animal, and we are talking about one of the most coveted, yet stressful jobs in the country. There are recruiting trips and commitments to the boosters. Football coaches have to be engaged in every single play. Then, there are all the egos that come with a group of 18 to 22-year olds. It’s not as easy to manage as Reed thinks.

Could Reed be the lead man at Miami down the road? Certainly. However, at this point in his life, he is best served as an assistant until he figures out the nuances of a head coaching. That should not take long because Reed showed Ravens fans for years that having him in the secondary was like having the head coach out there.

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