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The Baltimore Ravens reached the quarter mark of the 2015 season when they beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thursday night. John Harbaugh and his team have earned just one win through the first four games, but the schedule has not been to kind to the Ravens. The West Coast trip was a disaster, but the team did manage to split the two divisional matchups. With 12 games to go, the Ravens are in for a long battle to make the playoffs once again.

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Through the first month of the NFL season, some players have stood out, for better or for worse. I asked several people “who would you say is the Ravens MVP so far” and someone close to me replied with “the water boy.” Couldn’t help but laugh at the comment, but truth is it is tough to pick out the good on a team that only has one win. It would be kind of comical if the water boy came off the sidelines and was a terrific football player like the old Adam Sandler movie.

We cannot highlight the good without giving some of the bad. Here are the five players who have been major disappointments to start the season:

1. Lardarius Webb – Is there ever a play he is not getting beat?
2. Kamar Aiken – Stepped up this week due to injuries, but otherwise nonexistent.
3. Justin Forsett – The 150 yards gained vs. Steelers was more than first three games combined.
4. Joe Flacco – The number of turnovers from a veteran quarterback is unfathomable.
5. Chris Canty – The veteran has been on the stat sheet in just one game while Terrell Suggs has been out.

Honestly, there were about 15 guys that could have been added to the list above, but we narrowed it down to just those five. It was actually more difficult to figure out the few bright spots. That’s expected when a team many felt was a Super Bowl contender starts the season 1-3 in the first month.

That’s not to say the Ravens haven’t had players this season. They don’t have anyone worthy of winning any league-wide awards – Aaron Rodgers has won that already, in my opinion – so let’s give some guys some love for their play so far. Let’s start the list with the most logical choice of them all…

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