Matt Forte and Baltimore Ravens would be a perfect fit


The Baltimore Ravens have always been known for having a strong running game. Whether it was Jamal Lewis, Willis McGahee or Ray Rice toting the rock, opposing teams knew that they would be going up against one of the top rushing offenses in football whenever they took on the Ravens. The success on the ground continued last season with Justin Forsett racking up 1,266 yards and eight touchdowns. Many were hopeful that Forsett was going to be the next great running back to wear purple and black.

That has not been the case to start the season as Forsett is averaging 3.2 yards per carry and just 41.3 yards per contest. It’s been a dreadful start under new offensive coordinator Marc Trestman and those who were worried that Forsett was a product of Gary Kubiak‘s system might have been right.

All offseason we tried to compare Forsett to Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte. Forte thrived with Trestman running the offense, earning Pro Bowl honors in Trestman’s first year in control. The Ravens were hopeful that Forsett could fit the mold that made Trestman and Forte so successful together. 

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Forte has been one of the better running backs in the league since entering the league in 2008. Forsett has been a journeyman since coming in the league the same year, with last year being the only time he has been a full-time player. Expecting Forsett to do the same things that Forte is capable of was far-fetched.

So for Trestman’s offense to work most effectively, wouldn’t it make more sense to actually get Forte rather than try to make someone play like him?

Jeff Dickerson of ESPN made a case of why Chicago should look to move the former Tulane star. The Bears are in rebuilding mode and already started to clean house when they traded Brandon Marshall in the offseason and Jared Allen earlier this week. Forte asked for a new contract this offseason and the Bears front office made it clear it wouldn’t happen. It is looking like Forte won’t be back in Chicago next season, so why not get something in return rather than letting him walk free?

If the Bears do decide that they want to part ways with Forte, Ozzie Newsome needs to find a way to get him reunited with Trestman. Joe Flacco has been forced to throw the ball far too often and with the lack of receiving options on the Ravens roster. They could use another terrific pass catcher, even if it’s out of the backfield.

Trestman came under fire last year for not running the ball enough, and that talk is starting to come out in Baltimore as well. The fact is if the defense isn’t stopping anyone, that forces the offense to pass the ball. That was the case in Chicago and has been the case so far this season for the Ravens.

What you cannot hide is that Forte averaged 4.28 yards a carry under Trestman. Forsett is averaging a full yard less. It might sound like one measly yard, but it’s just another statistic that supports that Forte is a better runner. That’s exactly what the Ravens need right now.

Forte is in the final year of his deal and shouldn’t take much to pry away from the Bears. The Ravens made a mistake for not taking Allen off the Bears’ hands when they need help rushing the passer. They cannot do the same with Matt Forte. Get him back with Trestman and get the Ravens offense rolling the way that we are accustomed to.

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