Terrell Suggs injury: Three possible replacements for Baltimore Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens were dealt a serious blow this past Sunday with outside linebacker Terrell Suggs injury being diagnosed with a torn Achilles’ tendon for the second time in 40 months. Now the Ravens are forced to move on and possibly look outside the organization for replacement.

There are few players in the National Football League that require the attention that Suggs garners on defense. Opposing teams are forced to game plan for Suggs and Elvis Dumervil, and the injury puts a serious damper on a lot of the defensive schemes that Dean Pees likes to use. 

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With Dumervil and Suggs on the edge, the Ravens could rush just four guys to create pressure. Offenses could double team one of the rushers, but that left the other one-on-one unless the offense would use a tight end to protect as well. Now teams can focus just on Dumervil and Pees will likely need to use more blitz packages.

This has an impact on the secondary as well as a secondary’s best friend is the pass rush. Jimmy Smith and Lardarius Webb did well against a fantastic duo of wide receivers that Denver has in Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas, but it was the constant pressure on Peyton Manning that made the Broncos incapable of scoring an offensive touchdown.

With the former Defensive Player of the Year now on the shelf for the remainder of the season, the Ravens have to be looking for options to replace Terrell Suggs. The free-agent pool isn’t exactly filled with superstars, but there are a few players who could come in and make an impact right away. Here are a three players who the Ravens could have on their radar:

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