Baltimore Ravens: Staff Predictions for 2015 NFL Season


The Baltimore Ravens are ranked No. 9 in FanSided’s power rankings, but obviously those of us at The Baltimore Wire think a bit more highly about John Harbaugh’s team than the outsiders.

We might be a little biased here, but the entire staff predicted the Ravens to finish with more than 10 wins and to win the AFC North. Can you blame us though? Most of the national media has predicted the same because they are the most consistent of the teams in the AFC North.

What we cannot predict is injuries throughout the league. If Ben Roethlisberger is injured next week, the Thursday night matchup at Pittsburgh isn’t as daunting. If it’s Joe Flacco who goes down, the numbers below could be flip-flopped. You just never know how a season plays out.

That is not going to stop us from trying to guess how the season plays out. Speculation is part of what makes sports fun. So without further adieu, here are our staff predictions:

Randy Buchman
Record: 10-6, 1st in AFC North

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I am having a more difficult time feeling as optimistic about the Baltimore Ravens as at this point last year. Perhaps the cumulative injuries that so affected the 2014 season continues to haunt my expectations for this coming campaign. Injuries are an inevitable part of life in the NFL, as well as other professional sports in the modern era. The margins are more narrow than in the past, making playing through injury less feasible.

Looking at the depth chart, the Ravens do put together a formidable lineup at the starting positions. But depth is a concern, especially in the defensive backfield. Overall there is a great dependence upon young players, which will pay off eventually, though not maybe this year. Add to it all the painful recent memories of the backups in preseason play.

I will go with a prediction of 10-6 overall, 4-2 in the division and 6-4 against the rest. Achieving this (or better) should be doable with the starting lineup; but it could go the other way in a big hurry if injuries pile up substantially.

Brandon Austin
Record: 11-5, 1st in AFC North

One of the main reasons the Ravens will make the playoffs in 2015 is Joe Flacco. Elite or not, he’s a proven winner. A group of unproven weapons may hold this offense back from reaching its peak. The defense is much improved unit, particularly after offseason additions in the secondary. The Ravens are one of the most balanced teams in the AF

Rocky Friedman
Record: 10-6, 1st in AFC North

The fierce front seven will give the Ravens a huge advantage this season while the improved secondary will help out a lot as well. However, tons of question marks continue to revolve around the offense, especially when it comes to receiving corps. Breshard Perriman (whether he stays healthy or whether he performs well) might just determine the Ravens outcome this season. However, the lack of competition in the AFC gives me enough reason to make this prediction.

Nate Wardle
Record: 10-6, 1st in AFC North

The Ravens are a team that looks like the best in the division. It looks like a bit of a down year in the AFC North, to be honest. The Pittsburgh Steelers are weak in the secondary, and are already banged up. The Cleveland Browns have a bunch of question marks, none more than at QB, and the Cinncinnati Bengals are the Bengals.

That being said, it could very well be a down year for the Ravens as well. The two parts of a team that are under a microscope in today’s NFL, WR and secondary, both are suspect at best. Steve Smith Sr. is on his last year, and is the best WR on the team. Breshad Perriman will be good, but hasn’t played much so far. And lots of other questions abound. On defense, Lardarius Webb and Jimmy Smith are both pretty good when healthy, but that is a big question. The safeties don’t strike fear in anyone either.

The Ravens will be good enough to rely on their front seven on defense, and their running game and line on offense. But, I don’t think they a Super Bowl team this year. Playoffs, yes. A wild card game win, and a loss in the divisional round is what I see in the Ravens’ future.

Cole Moog
Record: 11-5, 1st in AFC North 

I think the young offense will start out slow, but will make a statement win the first week against the Denver Broncos. The Ravens have to show they can beat the Cincinnati Bengals who have been their achilles heel the past couple of seasons. I believe the most valuable player on offense will be the always underrated Marshal Yanda and on defense will be the emerging top-5 cornerback Jimmy Smith. I see the Ravens getting to the Super Bowl by squeaking past the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship Game, but falling to the Green Bay Packers in the big game.

Joe Serpico
Record: 10-6, 1st in AFC North

The key for the season will be how the Ravens fare in the first half of the campaign. They have two West Coast trips in the first six weeks, in addition to the Thursday night game with the Steelers. The second half of the season is much better as the team has two separate three-game home stands and a bye week included as well. They will be in control of their own destiny to end the season as the final two games are against the Steelers and Bengals and it is likely that both games have significant implications for the playoffs.

Baltimore is relying on their young talent to take them back to the promise land this season. That is a lot to ask for from six rookies on offense and young defensive line. It’s going to take a few weeks to get everyone on the same page, especially first-round selection Breshad Perriman.

Even with Marc Trestman now in charge, the Ravens are still your classic ground-and-pound team. They have the best offensive line in football with a terrific QB and RB to operate behind them. The inexperience at receiver and tight end will keep the focus on the ground game, but this is the ideal opportunity for Kamar Aiken to show that he has what it takes to be a quality NFL talent.

When it’s all said and done, the Ravens will take the division and enter the playoffs as the third seed. Baltimore gets a win during the Wild Card round, but after watching the Patriots last night, they look like the team to beat once again in the AFC. The Ravens fall short of a championship this season, but the young guys get the experience that set them up for a legitimate Super Bowl run in 2016.

Who is right? Who is wrong? We won’t find out until the season is over. If you disagree with what we have to say, feel free to comment below!

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