Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles: 5 Keys to Victory

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The Baltimore Ravens return to action Saturday for their second preseason game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field. The two teams have been practicing together over the past few days, and will finally get to hit that guy on the opposite side of the ball much harder in a matter of hours.

Baltimore is coming off a decent performance against the New Orleans Saints. The starters played well in their limited action, scoring a touchdown a long drive in their initial series. Quarterback Joe Flacco operated the offense flawlessly as the team drove 80 yards on 16 plays which was capped off on a one-yard touchdown run by Lorenzo Taliaferro

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The defense held the Saints offense to fewer yards (11) than the Ravens offense scored (17), forcing back-to-back three-and-outs before making way for the second team unit. It was a solid performance the first time out, but the offense up next is one that is unique to the NFL.

The Ravens will be challenged by the Eagles on Saturday. The Eagles are coming off a dominating 36-10 win over the Indianapolis Colts in which the offense was firing on all cylinders. It did not matter who was at quarterback for the Eagles because Chip Kelly is constantly attacking.

The Ravens second and third teams allowed the Saints to creep back into the game, allowing New Orleans to score a go-ahead touchdown with 1:56 left in the fourth quarter. Fortunately, the Ravens took the final drive of the game for the game-winning touchdown with two seconds remaining to salvage the win.

The Eagles likely won’t sputter out the gate like the Saints did in the opening game so the Ravens must stay sharp throughout. The Ravens starters figure to play a quarter, maybe more. Here is what to watch for on Saturday nights game:

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