Baltimore Ravens: Elvis Dumervil Ranked in NFL Top 100


The Baltimore Ravens have what could be their last appearance in the NFL’s top 100 players. Elvis Dumervil comes in at number 46 as ranked by his fellow colleagues. He ranks ahead of 12 other linebackers in the top 100.

My colleague Joe Serpico has written about the too-low rankings given to multiple players in the black and purple. This addition is again a questionable one, which really brings into question how the players make their selections.

This ranking is interesting as teammate Terrell Suggs was ranked 84th. NFL media columnist Adam Schein put the linebacker at number nine in the most indispensable players. If he makes such an impact on the team to be indispensable, why do the NFL players have him ranked lower than his teammate?

According to the players, Dumervil is the better linebacker. He sacked opposing quarterbacks 17 times last season for his most since 2009 when he was with the Denver Broncos. His total also set a new franchise record for Baltimore.

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He played in every game for the Ravens leading to two forced fumbles and 37 total tackles on top of his sacks. He even added a deflected pass at one point.

He made the All-Pro team and was the only defensive Raven to do so last year. He added a selection to the Pro Bowl as well.

Whether he applied the pressure himself or with the aid of others, Dumervil had to be watched by opposing quarterbacks and ball carriers near the line of scrimmage. It’s understandable he is ranked so high because of his presence on the field.

What is even more impressive is that he was a sub in all but two of the games he played in. He may not have started the games, but it never took away from his presence on field. He went after opposing quarterbacks with an unrelenting passion.

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Though I suppose as Schein says in his article, being an indispensable player does not mean they have to be best. Dumervil certainly put up better numbers than Suggs, but they were one of the top pass-rushing duos in the NFL last year. It would have made sense for them to be closer in the rankings.

They played off each other. The two linebackers combined for 29 sacks, which was the most in the league. They couldn’t do anything they did without each other.

Because NFL players do the ranking, the relationships are going to have a role in who ranks where. Suggs was number 26 last year, while Dumervil did not make the list.

They have their method of ranking their colleagues, and it is certainly unique to them. I do not know what it is, but it works for them.

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