Baltimore Ravens: Pass On Wes Welker


Over the past few days Wes Welker has been a name that had come up quite a bit. He recently told a Boston radio show that he is not ready to retire and thinks he still has what it takes to play in the NFL.

"“I’m not ready to [retire]. I still feel good. I still feel like I have some really good football left in me. I’ve always said [I’ll play] until the wheels fall off.”"

Doctors have said that Welker is looking good in his recent examinations, and the free agent wide receiver is looking for a place to play for the 2015 season.

Welker visited with the Miami Dolphins in April, but they signed Greg Jennings instead. He also embraced the idea of a return to the New England Patriots, but there is no reports out there that the Patriots are interested in him. So the question is what kind of market is there for him?

Earlier today, posted a video with the headline “Could Ravens Go After WR Wes Welker?” It is kind of funny because Ryan Mink immediately shakes his head no when the question is asked and starts the segment with a “No, no, no.” You have to agree with him.

As Mink pointed out, the Ravens already have an influx of wide receivers already on board. It is already going to be a difficult decision which five or six players will make the 53-man squad. Adding another veteran presence would hinder the development of the young talent on the roster. Steve Smith Sr. is the team’s veteran presence. Breshad Perriman and Darren Waller are rookies who will makes this team and need the reps. Baltimore has another six wide outs battling for those final two or three spots. 

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The Ravens have also said that they want to play Smith in the slot more this season. The hope is to take some of the punishment off Smith in press coverage and allow him to use his speed and quickness in the middle part of the field. The slot has generally been the primary position for Welker over the years, and bringing him in takes reps away from the young guys. Marc Trestman doesn’t need two veterans to do one role when they can have Smith be the main man, and a younger talent like Michael Campanaro learn the position also.

Welker is an excellent punt returner with sure hands, but that alone doesn’t merit a roster spot. If Campanaro can stay healthy – a big if – and field punts, there is no need for the veteran. Basically, Campanaro is a cheaper and younger Welker.

Welker also comes with a ton of injury concerns as well. He’s been victim to three concussions in the past two seasons, and it’s impacted his play. Last year was his worst season in nine years, catching 49 passes for 464 yards and two touchdowns for the Denver Broncos.

It is very unlikely that Ozzie Newsome would make this move to begin with. This is purely speculation based on the “Ravens Mailbag” and it is fun to debate. Welker was a terrific player in his prime, but those years are over with. There is too much baggage to take on with Welker. He is up there in age at 34, his production has steadily declined over the past few seasons and his injury concerns make him too much of a liability.

Ravens, stay away from Wes Welker.

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