Baltimore Ravens: Crockett Gillmore Will Have a Breakout Year


Sophomore slump is a common term in sports in which a second-year player, who had a solid rookie season, then for inexplicable reasons has a rough second year. Sometimes after their stellar rookie season they gain more attention from the defense and their production plummets, and other times they have a late learning curve and just have an off year.

Crockett Gillmore is coming off a solid rookie campaign. He has not seen much national attention because he was used much more as a run blocker behind first-string tight end veteran Owen Daniels. Daniel has now left to join Gary Kubiak in Denver; and if Dennis Pitta is not able to return to football, then Crockett Gillmore will be the oldest tight end on the Baltimore Ravens roster. The Ravens did invest a second round pick in tight end Maxx Williams, but Williams can only increase Gillmore’s productivity.

Gillmore has already shown his ability to run block in the NFL and he shined at moments as a pass catcher. In the 2015 AFC Wild Card game, he showed his unique athleticism on a 22-yard touchdown reception from Joe Flacco. His ability to run block will get him instantly on the field, and along with Maxx Williams will provide another young, talented target for Flacco to build chemistry with during OTA’s and training camp.

As of today, John Harbaugh and players including Crockett Gillmore took the podium with the media and Harbaugh informed them that Gillmore now weighs 275 pounds. This is what Gillmore said when asked about his weight:

On, Gillmore is listed at 251 pounds before this update today. That means he put on twenty-four pounds this offseason, which is just an insane amount. I think this will definitely improve his catch-in-traffic ability and will make safeties harder to lock him down. At 251, he was already too fast for linebackers, but just small enough that safeties could cover him. Now if he really is just as fast, then that is a huge match-up advantage for the Ravens.

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I first watched Crockett Gillmore in the 2014 Senior Bowl where he had a terrific game, scoring two touchdowns. I then went and watched the tape of him at Colorado State, where he was primarily used as a receiving tight end. He was a master of finding holes in zone defenses, and demonstrated above average catch radius, with the ability to be a very solid red zone target. He had to learn the ability to block in the NFL, and now this season he can go back to his receiving tight end days. Also, with his newly-added weight he can be a new favorite red zone target for Flacco — also on two-point conversations with the new extra-point rule.

Crockett Gillmore seemed very confident that he will be a huge part of Marc Trestman’s offense. I am a huge Maxx Williams fan, and in my final mock draft I had Williams going in the first round to the Ravens. Well, they actually managed to snag him in the second; but I would not be surprised if Gillmore wins the starting tight end job.

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