Uni Watch ranks Baltimore Ravens uniforms near the bottom of the NFL


The Baltimore Ravens find their uniforms ranked towards the bottom of the NFL.

Those who proudly wear the purple and black do so because they love their team and they love to see their team win.

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With that said, Ravens fans might be disappointed to learn that the recent NFL Uni Watch Power Rankings have their team’s uniforms ranked in the last third of all NFL teams.

Uni Watch founder and editor, Paul Lukas recently released his NFL uniform rankings to give something for NFL fans to celebrate or argue over until summer training camps begin.

Baltimore found its uniforms ranking at number 23 which is one spot higher than they were in the last Uni Watch NFL Power Rankings.

Lukas had the following to say about why the Ravens uniforms fall where they do.

"“OK, we get it — ravens are black, so this is the rare team whose use of black doesn’t feel gratuitous. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t scale it back a little. The black pants could use some stripes, and they’d be better if they were paired with non-black socks (which the team used to have, once upon a time) to avoid the leotard effect. On the plus side, here’s a detail worth noting: The gold trim on the numbers is a really nice accent.” Paul Lukas"

If you need a quick refresher as to what the Ravens trotted out in during the 2014 season, take a look here.

Purple, black, metallic gold and white are the official colors of the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens primarily wear purple at home and white on the road while using the black jersey as their alternate.

Black is a color that Lukas tends to cringe at unless it is actually a part of the official team colors, but I agree that the Ravens could add a little more to their black pants. They are too plain, and a nice stripe as seen on their white pants would only make them look better.

I think the Ravens are at their best aesthetically when they are wearing their normal home uniform (purple jersey, white pants) and the all-white road look. Until the black pants include a stripe on the side, scrapping them wouldn’t be a bad idea.

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So, what could be worse than the Ravens’ uniforms being ranked 23rd in the NFL?

I’ll tell ya.

Having the Pittsburgh Steelers ranked higher. And not just higher, number one ranked uniform in the entire National Football League.


While you have to give credit to the Steelers for being able to keep an iconic uniform practically un-altered for many years amid the calls for modern looks everywhere you turn, it sucks when your hated rival beats you. Even if it is only a uniform.

When the 2015 season begins, there’s only one area that the Ravens want to rank higher in than everyone else and that’s the standings. I think all Ravens fans could agree on that and maybe this little uniform battle will add some fuel to the flames when they go up against their rivals.

What do you think about the uniform rankings? Have any ideas for uniform tweaks? Let us know in the comments!

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