Baltimore Ravens: Who Will Be First Round Pick?


Wrapping up March Madness and the onset of the MLB season, there are plenty of sports for us to happily indulge in. Dream come true. But there’s even more on the horizon: the NFL Draft. Who are the Baltimore Ravens going to pick in the first round?

Baltimore is coming off a successful season, having made it all the way to the divisional round in the postseason. And they did it with some glaring holes in their roster.

We’ve also seen one of the craziest offseasons in recent memory with free agency and some of the trades teams that have made. The Ravens are no exception. We’re gonna miss you Haloti.

Right now the Baltimore Ravens are sitting with the 26th overall pick. Wide receiver help for Flacco is needed as well as talent in the secondary.

And a few mock drafts have the Ravens going exactly that route (pun intended).

A few key players to keep an eye on include Marcus Peterson (CB Washington), Kevin Johnson (CB Wake Forest), Jaelen Strong (WR Arizona State), and DeVante Parker (WR Louisville).

Now while three of these players easily look to be targeted mid-first round, one maybe (or even two) will slip down towards the Ravens. Even if they go with a defensive tackle, I think defense is the right way to go with their first pick.

Secondary defensive players don’t seem to be the biggest need for many of the teams in the league, further illustrating the fact the Ravens need to address their lack of depth at cornerback.

Don’t think I’m sleeping on the fact that we still do need a wide receiver. The loss of Torrey Smith is a huge blow to the Ravens receiving corps. And while we love Steve Smith Sr., we’d be foolish to think he can carry the entire load.

But let’s not also overlook Smith’s veteran experience and the knowledge he will pass down to the next man up. Baltimore is at least in the advantageous position where they don’t necessarily need the highest-ranked receiver in the draft.

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To me, it’s as simple as “Find a young guy who’s fast or a good route runner and let Steve Smith plug in the rest.”

I think the lack of veteran knowledge in the Ravens’ secondary sways toward picking a highly-ranked cornerback/safety.

Quarterbacks and linebackers seem to be the talk this year. The Baltimore Ravens can rest easy, knowing they have some solid talent coming their way.

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