Baltimore Ravens Rumor Roundup 2/21


I took a little time away from the 2015 NBA trade deadline and the aftermath/implications (bit of a head-scratcher this year) to catch up on rumors circling the Baltimore Ravens. Two names that stuck out this week: Josh McCown and Chris Johnson.

The free agent market is crazy this year. The Ravens certainly need help at key positions and a number of these players can address that.

You may remember Josh McCown from his most recent unsuccessful stint with Tampa Bay, but before that he was located in Chicago backing up Jay Cutler. In 2013 when Cutler went down in week 7, over a stretch of five games McCown threw five touchdowns and zero interceptions, earning a 100.0 passer rating.

It’s that very success that prompted teams to consider him in a starting role. Clearly the Ravens aren’t in the market for a starting quarterback, but a backup of McCown’s caliber doesn’t hurt.

Would the Ravens benefit from signing Josh McCown? Absolutely. McCown is the best backup quarterback in the NFL right now and a little insurance for Joe Flacco makes us all rest easier.

According to ESPN writer Jamison Hensley, other teams are interested in bringing in McCown as well, so it might not be as easy as that. Let’s also not ignore the fact that with the mighty Joe Flacco, the Ravens can offer virtually no playing time to McCown.

Chris Johnson intrigues me, although I’m not quite convinced CJ2K is the right fit for the Ravens.

When it comes to the NFL’s mentality of “what have you done for me lately?” Johnson is a great example. I’m a huge Marshall Faulk fan. I watched closely as CJ2K closed in and broke the record in 2009. Totalling 2509 yards from scrimmage is no joke.

And yet we still ask questions like, “Yeah well, where is he now?”

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Let me state for the record, I really like Chris Johnson and wouldn’t mind seeing him in purple and black. The Ravens seem content with retaining Justin Forsett‘s services and a two-back approach could make Baltimore’s offense even more dangerous.

Chris Johnson still has explosive speed and can make those cuts where most defenders will miss a tackle. But as Johnson turns 30 this year I have to ask if in signing him, are the Ravens moving forward or standing still?

Justin Forsett is the same age and has already seen great success within the system. If the Ravens really want to prepare accordingly, they should look to a much younger free agent or the draft.

According to sources Johnson, like McCown, has options. Other teams are in the mix for his services as well.

I’m passing on Chris Johnson. The Ravens would be better suited spending the money on a receiver or defensive back. Simple as that.

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