Baltimore Ravens: Top Matchups to Watch vs. Saints

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Jimmy Graham vs. The Ravens Secondary

This is matchup that as a Ravens fan has me the most worried. The Ravens’ secondary performed admirably against the Tennessee Titans in Week 10 with their new pieces, but guarding Jimmy Graham is a whole new ball game.

Cincinnati did a very good job against Graham this past week, holding him to three catches for only 29 yards. The Ravens can strategize in a variety of directions to counter Jimmy Graham.

I have been one of the biggest Will Hill supporters since he was signed during the offseason and debuted on the field in Week 7. Hill has performed very well, and has even earned a starting job on the Ravens defense.

Well, there is no bigger challenge for a safety than to guard Jimmy Graham. I think because of how well Hill has played, he should get the nod to be assigned to shadow Jimmy Graham.

Another option would be Matt Elam. While he is not the most popular Raven at the moment. he is very sound in playing physical coverage. Elam would definitely be my second choice to guard Graham.

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Terrence Brooks has been solid in pass coverage, but the task is just too much for a rookie to be assigned primarily to one of the NFL’s best tight ends.

Last but not least, why not try a newcomer? Danny Gorrer is listed at 6′ exactly and is the tallest healthy corner on the Ravens defense. Height is a huge plus when you’re tasked with guarding Jimmy Graham.

It’ll be very interesting to see what Dean Pees has up his sleeve for this pivotal matchup.