Baltimore Ravens: Smith and Smith looking to get back on track


Going into the bye week I keep thinking about how on fire the Baltimore Ravens’ passing attack was at the beginning of the season. First, Steve Smith was on full throttle and on pace for a 1,000 yard season. Torrey Smith, although seeing a decline in performance from last year, consistently contributed and even saw a late first-half resurgence.

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Now, it’s as if Steve Smith is pumping the brakes. He hasn’t scored a touchdown in a month. Torrey Smith hasn’t improved in his production very much. Sure, he does have two touchdowns in his last three games. But let’s face it, this offense has survived on the fourth-best rushing attack in the league.

What happened?

Things were so great. Joe Flacco had his dual threat wide receivers, each with his own set of skills. We didn’t even miss Anquan Boldin anymore: You can have him San Fran. But the early success has slipped lately. The Ravens are now in the thick of the most heated division race in the league.

And they need Smith and Smith playing up to their ability again.

It’s a little too easy to pin this on Joe Flacco or the fledgling secondary, although Flacco does need some mid-course corrections, and it’s never easy playing from behind with one of the worst secondaries in the game. Further, I know the call in Cincinnati cost Baltimore the game, first place, and still haunts Steve.

But fortunately the solution is simple. Torrey Smith need only to stay consistent. After his slow start he’s already come back to supplant Steve as touchdown leader. The Ravens will need continued growth from Torrey. Steve Smith needs to shake off the penalty and get back to stretching the field. Steve is living and dying by the deep ball one way or another.

I didn’t want to pick on Flacco, but I have to. The play calling has been fine, but the execution needs improvement. Smith and Smith have done well at times this year in Kubiak’s offense as they try to get Flacco into a rhythm. Now, it’s time to get back to consistently producing points.