The Baltimore Ravens Should Take A Shot at Asante Samuel


Does the name Asante Samuel sound familiar to any of you guys? You know, the guy that won two Super Bowls with the New England Patriots and recorded 50 interceptions in the first ten seasons of his career. Well, I’m talking about that same Asante Samuel.

He might be a bit of a stretch at the age of 33, but with the injuries and struggles that the Ravens’ secondary has been suffering through, I would take a shot at signing him.

The main reason that he is still on the free agent market is because he demands a higher salary than teams are willing to give him. The reason isn’t due to his ability to still play football, or lack thereof. He could still ball.

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If I told you that the Ravens should acquire Samuel four years ago, then your response would have gone something like this: “Yes, yes, and yes!” He is arguably one of the greatest cornerbacks in the history of the game.

He kicked his career off in 2006 when he accumulated ten interceptions. In three of the next four seasons, he would record six interceptions or more.

He currently holds 51 career interceptions and counting, putting him 32nd on the all-time list. He did only record one interception with the Atlanta Falcons last year, but he missed five games.

I really don’t see a reason not to take a shot at him. Jimmy Smith is going to miss a few weeks, putting Chykie Brown as the Ravens’ No. 2 cornerback. Who would you rather have as the No. 2 corner, Brown or Samuel?

The secondary has been struggling all year, and I think changing things up a bit certainly wouldn’t hurt. As I said, Samuel can still play, and not currently being on a team is certainly not indicative of him not being able to perform anymore.

The cap situation should work out. Even after Ray Rice’s grievance resulted in a $1.4 million charge against the Ravens’ cap, Baltimore still has over $4 million in cap room.

What do you think about this idea?