Baltimore Ravens: Where does Jacoby Jones fit?


Playing around on Youtube I rewatched for the millionth time Jacoby Jones‘ 108-yard touchdown in Super Bowl 47. You know you still watch it too. You love it as much as I do. Longest play in NFL post season history. How’s that for trash talk? House call, Mr. Jones. And that wasn’t even the first time he did it. At 6’3″ and a 4.3 40-yard time, the 30-year-old veteran is not only one of the fastest players in the NFL, he’s also one of the most versatile.

Jacoby Jones arrived in Baltimore in 2012 and quickly revived a special teams unit questioned for its inconsistency in the postseason against division rival Pittsburgh (heartache in 2008 AFC title game and 2010 divisional). I still wonder why Houston ever let this diamond in the rough go. A Super Bowl victory is only appropriate for the prototype of the modern-era return specialist.

Like Houston, Baltimore seeks out Jones’ versatility. And while 2012 saw him averaging 13.5 yards on 30 receptions (respectable considering he was third on the depth chart), ultimately the Ravens’ abysmal 2013 season left us all forgetting who Jacoby Jones is.

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Some of you may argue, “But Brandon Jacody Jones caught more passes for more total yards in 2013.” While that is true, it’s also a fact that Jones’ total average went down while Baltimore suffered an 8-8 season. I argue further that the Ravens saw a record eight players from the previous Super Bowl winning squad part ways with the franchise. Jones, I believe, is coming into a situation where, while it is nice to have won a ring before age 30, he’ll have to play his best years in an organization that’s going through a complete and utter culture change.

As Jacoby Jones remains at number three on the depth chart, he is still being targeted in an effort to get him more involved. However, that effort has proved futile so far. While official statistics on dropped passes are not kept by the NFL, Jones has dropped four passes thus far this year. Two came in the last two weeks, his only targets. Without a stronger contribution to the offensive game, Jones is suddenly reduced to a really good kick returner, but also an overpaid one. With the best coaching staff they’ve had, it’s time for Jacoby Jones to step up as one of Baltimore’s top receivers and deep threats and find his place with the Baltimore Ravens.