This is the sixth of what is a regular weekly feature on The Baltimore ..."/> This is the sixth of what is a regular weekly feature on The Baltimore ..."/>

Crab Soup Of Maryland Sports Links – Bowl 6


This is the sixth of what is a regular weekly feature on The Baltimore Wire of links to interesting Baltimore and Maryland sports stories on the web.

In the bowl of crab soup this week are links to these stories …

Ingredient #1 – Skip Bayless of ESPN – an oft critic of the Ravens and Flacco in particular – said of Justin Tucker “We’re talking about the most spectacular weapon in football.”  Here is a link to the video.

Ingredient #2 – It was very odd that doctors beyond the Orioles’ team would weigh in on Grant Balfour’s shoulder, affirming it is fine. That may be correct, but there are some reasons to give pause to their credibility. But here is an article on Balfour’s shoulder looking good and fine…

Ingredient #3 – This article by Ken Rosenthal pretty well sums up the outside few of the Orioles’ fiasco in the Balfour situation – about why other players and agents may not want to deal with the Birds. Here is a quote from it: “Balfour was to replace Johnson, just as Lough will replace McLouth. But Balfour, who agreed to a relatively club-friendly, two-year, $15 million contract, did not meet the approval of the Orioles’ doctors. Or owner Peter Angelos. Or some unidentified Jedi master who can detect flaws in MRIs that no one else can decipher.”

Ingredient #4 – Joe Flacco is very much seen as an ordinary guy who happens to play football and get paid a couple hundred million for doing it. This article shows that side of his life by talking about how he was playing the lottery recently when the jackpot went quit high.

Ingredient #5 – From our own network, here is an article about how Ravens kicker Justin Tucker has been named by the media covering the defending Super Bowl champs as the MVP of this season. As it asks in the article, who would have thought or predicted that?

Ingredient #6 – We have been too busy with other articles to generate one of our own about the upcoming Armed Forces Bowl on December 30th which involves Navy playing Middle Tennessee State. Here is a link to a good preview article on it from our friends at SB Nation…