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FanSided: The Next Big Sports Media Network


This new blog page – The Baltimore Wire – is the latest creation in the approximately 250-site mother network called “FanSided.”

The FanSided Network was written about in an extensive article today (12/2/13) on the Sport Techie web page – a site that discusses the latest innovations in global sports technology.

Begun in 2007 by a pair of brothers who were disappointed in the local and national coverage of their favorite team, the Kansas City Chiefs, they found immediate success and growth when writing a blog from the perspective of a passionate fan. Presuming there would be a market for similar such sites in other cities, a network grew that now covers all major professional and college sports.

The Baltimore Wire is the 26th site in a category (local sites) that covers all sports within a geographic region.

An excerpt from this extensive and interesting article says, “FanSided looms as the next big sports media network. They recently eclipsed 10 million monthly uniques, per Google Analytics, thanks to their over 240 sports and entertainment sites supported entirely on WordPress. They’ve grown over 154 percent during the past year; and their recent uptick from this past June onward has them scaling 200 percent over last year. Also, their partnership with Sports Illustrated can be attributed to their success.”

It is a great privilege for The Baltimore Wire to be a part of the FanSided Network. By coming to our page, you are able to not only read about the content we present on your team, but to also see other network articles immediately available on the same. Our three primary foci are the Ravens, Orioles, and Terps. When on our site, you will also immediately see in the sidebar to the left where other network articles have been written by our sister sites – Bird Watchers, Ebony Bird, and Terrapin Station.

But beyond these three major topics, at The Baltimore Wire we want to also bring other Maryland college, high school, and popular regional sports like road racing and marathoning into exposure on the national platform.

The whole article at Sport Techie is available HERE.