This is the first of what will be a regular feature on The Baltimore Wi..."/> This is the first of what will be a regular feature on The Baltimore Wi..."/>

Crab Soup of Baltimore and Maryland Sports – Bowl 1


This is the first of what will be a regular feature on The Baltimore Wire of links to interesting Baltimore and Maryland sports stories on the web.

In the bowl of crab soup this week are these stories …

There were a number of ballparks in Baltimore from the first half of the 20th century that have been lost, not only to history, but also to memory. Here is an article with aerial pictures that shows their location and details their histories … Ingredient #1

Though encouragement may indeed be found from Ray Rice finally breaking out with 131 yards on 25 carries in Chicago this past week, here is an article explaining why it may be a one-week wonder. There is simply little resemblance between the Bears and Jets rushing defense … Ingredient #2

I know you could never guess who else, other than the Orioles, is in on the Carlos Beltran LF/DH discussions! Give up? Two teams called the Yankees and Red Sox… the latter being characterized as serious talk … Ingredient #3

Have you ever wondered what a dog chasing a car would do with it if he caught it? If you are a skeptic on the entire Carlos Beltran situation – wondering what will the Orioles do with him if they sign him, this link will help to fuel that mindset with some tough questions … Ingredient #4

It is easy to be frustrated with Joe Flacco and his production difficulties this season. But the question that is asked in this article is: “Who is Torrey Smith’s wingman?”  There isn’t one, and that is the problem – evidenced even this past week … Ingredient #5

The Terps mens soccer team is ranked #5 in the country, having won the ACC tournament. The UMD men will play the winner of tomorrow night’s Providence-Penn game at 5:00 on November 24th. The ACC had the most teams make it to the national tournament with a total of six advancing. UCLA is the #1 seed, and here is a summary article on the event, with an extra ingredient which is an interactive bracket… Ingredient #6   Ingredient #7

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