Nov 4, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA; Baltimore Ravens guard Marshal Yanda (73) during a game against the Cleveland Browns at Cleveland Browns Stadium. Baltimore won 25-15. Mandatory Credit: David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens: Improved Offensive Line the Head of New Offensive Scheme

With the Baltimore Ravens’ passing and ground game determined to be improved with the new offensive set-up under Gary Kubiak, the front line is going to determine a good bit of the success for the offense.

The offensive line was a noticeable weak point last season, which was one of many reasons the run game did not do well.

With the run-blocking scheme, the offensive line needs to be mobile. They will dictate the run game even more than before.

The Ravens’ new acquisition this offseason — center Jeremy Zuttah — represents an immediate hope to improve the  offensive line. He is a significant upgrade upon Gino Gradkowski at the center position.

Zuttah has over 30 starts at both center and left guard in his career, which not only gives him the experience, but the versatility. Whether he is perfect for the new offensive scheme or not, he is the best option the Ravens have and is a reason why they traded to acquire him.

As Zuttah becomes more and more familiar with the offense, he will only make Joe Flacco a better quarterback. It is very simple what Zuttah needs to do before and during training camp later this month, and that is become more familiar with the offense than Kubiak is.

While he does this, he needs to maintain his physical fitness, so he can remain capable of playing in Kubiak’s offense. I know it is easy to gain extra pounds over the offseason, so I hope he maintain his fitness to be completely ready for training camp.

The Ravens’ right guard, Marshal Yanda, was a highlight on the offensive line. He went to the Pro Bowl and was recently ranked 55th on the NFL’s top 100 players for 2014.

Yanda is already a perfect fit for Kubiak’s offense, and I have no problem believing he will flourish next season more than he already has.

With the clear-cut offensive scheme, I can see Yanda moving at least into the top 50 players next year, if not the top 40.

He is healthy this offseason, and as a veteran he needs to play an important part in the unified flow of the offensive line. I would like to see him use his veteran status, and as a favorite player on the Ravens, to bring the offensive line together.

Without unison, the offensive line is going to hurt the run-blocking scheme. He is going to need to play not only a vital part during games, but in the preparation.

Eugene Monroe was a midseason acquisition last season. He helped protect Flacco’s blindside much better than former Raven Michael Oher or any other left tackle the Ravens have.

”With the offensive change, the Ravens’ offensive line seems to be in great shape for the beginning of training camp.”

As another big name on the offensive line, he again is an athletic tackle, who fits in well with Kubiak’s offense. With the offensive change, the Ravens’ offensive line seems to be in great shape for the beginning of training camp.

Monroe did not attend some of the midseason practices, so I hope he begins to grow with the team if he has not already. He is still new to the team and this will be his first full season, so I hope he becomes a unified part of the offensive line.

As a whole, the offensive line needs to become one essence to bring Kubiak’s run-blocking scheme to its full potential.

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