Baltimore Orioles Use 2018 Projected Opening Day Lineup For First Time

The Baltimore Orioles will have the players available to use their ‘Opening Day’ lineup for the first time all season, for game 77.

Let’s think back to Baltimore Orioles spring training. We wish we could rewind the season, right? Who would be the starting lineup, if everyone is healthy?

For the first time this season the Baltimore Orioles projected starting lineup for the 2018 season is in place for tonight’s series opener against the Seattle Mariners.

First, it was Mark Trumbo being hurt, then Jonathan Schoop and Colby Rasmus and Tim Beckham. But, now, the gang is back together.

Obviously, it is too little, too late, even though July hasn’t begun yet. The Yankees and Red Sox are so good this year that the Orioles might need to win out to win the division, and there is only a little hyperbole there.

My how things have changed, though.

Caleb Joseph spent a number of days in the minor leagues, while the catcher position has rotated between him, Austin Wynns, Chance Sisco and Andrew Susac.

Chris Davis just came off his exile to the bench but is still hitting .151. Jonathan Schoop has been a shell of himself from last year, hitting .204 and showing a lack of patience. Tim Beckham was hurt for an extended stretch, although the Orioles believe the surgery he had will help him significantly.

Colby Rasmus was also out for awhile and was playing poorly before going on the DL. Trey Mancini is hitting .225. Manny Machado and Adam Jones, however, continue to prove their worth, not only to the Orioles but also to any team that may be interested in trading for them.

One is a superstar. The other is a very good player who is having an excellent month of June, albeit overshadowed by his team’s struggles.

That’s how the season has gone for the Orioles. So much was expected by the team, and by its fans to start the season.

And yet, the Orioles have been a shell of themselves from the past few years.

The bullpen has been unreliable. The offense has been, for the most part, ugly. The pitching has been somewhat better recently, but still not very good.

This team has the talent to contend for a wild card but isn’t playing like a wild card contender. It is playing like a team that needs to be blown up, and a rebuild began.

No one knows if that is going to happen at this point. If so, the next month will dictate how much of this lineup remains when the calendar flips to August.

For today, maybe it should be a chance to sit back, enjoy a beautiful day at Camden Yards and think about how the projected Opening Day lineup is going to perform.

It won’t take you back to March, but it gives you something to cheer for. It sure beats thinking about how bad the Orioles have become, and the uncertainty that is ahead.

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