Baltimore Orioles: Chris Tillman’s Time With Orioles Is Coming to an End

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 13: Chris Tillman
BOSTON, MA - APRIL 13: Chris Tillman /

The last season and three starts in 2018 have been a struggle for Baltimore Orioles starter Chris Tillman.

Baltimore Orioles starter Chris Tillman insists that he isn’t injured, but something isn’t right with him. Before the 2017 season, Tillman was 72-48 which is fantastic. But he went 1-7 in 2017 and is currently 0-2 to start out the 2018 season.

It looked like he was going to get a big contract after winning 16 games in 2016, but he’s not the same pitcher he was. The good thing is that if the Baltimore Orioles decided to release him, they won’t be losing much. He’s only owed three million dollars so that’s nothing.

I’ve read stories where people think it’s a mental thing for Tillman. Like, how can you be a good pitcher and then lose it all of a sudden? The year Tillman won 16 games, he did miss time with a shoulder injury, but decided not to have surgery.

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Maybe that was a mistake and he should’ve gotten the surgery at that time. Sure, he might’ve missed all of 2017, but from the looks of it, he sort of did miss all of 2017 with the way he pitched.

I’d be happy if the Orioles sent him down to Triple-A. That way he can work on his mechanics and mental toughness if his struggles are indeed mental.

Getting Tillman and Adam Jones in the Erik Bedard trade has worked out really well for the Baltimore Orioles organization, but I think Tillman’s time in Baltimore is almost over. It might be over before the All-Star Break.

Tillman has worked with a bunch of pitching coaches in his Oriole career, and he’s been bad under Roger McDowell. Maybe McDowell can’t fix Tillman’s issues.

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It would be nice to see Tillman regain his winning ways in Baltimore, but it might be too late and change needs to happen in order for the Baltimore Orioles to be successful in 2018.