Baltimore Orioles: Kevin Gausman, not living up to expectations

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 07: Starting pitcher Kevin Gausman
BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 07: Starting pitcher Kevin Gausman /

The Baltimore Orioles drafted Kevin Gausman in the first round of the 2012 MLB draft in hopes of being the future ace of the ballclub.

When Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Kevin Gausman was drafted out of Louisana State University, the Orioles thought he would be the next ace of the rotation. Unfortunately, he hasn’t lived up to expectations.

He struggles a lot more than he should. In five seasons in Baltimore, he has a 34-43 record. He’s only had one “winning” season as a starter when he went 7-7 in 2014. Every other year he’s been under .500.

Before his start on Sunday, in his career, he has allowed 89 home runs.  That’s a lot in only five years. Maybe it’s time the Orioles think about trading him. The move probably won’t be cheered by everyone in Baltimore, but maybe he needs a change of scenery.

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It could end up being the type of trade that the Orioles regret like the Jake Arrieta trade. Arrieta turned into one of the best pitchers in baseball after his time in Baltimore. If Gausman hasn’t lived up to his first-round expectations now, he probably won’t ever live up to it in Baltimore.

I’m sure I’m not the only Oriole fan who has been frustrated with Kevin Gausman. Sometimes he can be dominant, but not on a consistent basis. Dylan Bundy has had a lot more success and he’s only been a full-time starter for one full season. How does that make sense?

It would be nice to see Gausman do well. If so, the rotation could be Kevin Gausman, Dylan Bundy, and Hunter Harvey. That would be a great 1-3 pitching rotation to start in a potential playoff series.

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I’m not sure what changes could happen with Gausman or if something needs to change. Maybe he’s better off going to the bullpen, but either way, he’s not living up to his first-round potential.