Baltimore Orioles: Should Adam Jones Stay in Baltimore?


Adam Jones has been the face of the Baltimore Orioles ever since he stepped foot at Camden Yards, but this might be his last season in Baltimore.

What former Baltimore Orioles General Manager Andy McPhail did in 2008 to acquire Adam Jones from the Seattle Mariners was a gamechanger for the Baltimore Orioles. That trade changed the franchise that was stuck in constant losing.

Another great moment for the Orioles was when Jones signed a six-year extension to remain an Oriole until the end of the 2018 season. The time is now to think about what to do once his contract expires. Would the Orioles offer a contract extension to him knowing they have prospects in the minors that are almost ready for the majors?

He continues to preach the “Stay Hungry” motto and that won’t change until he retires, but he’s also been outspoken in regards to winning and winning a championship. He also sees what happens in the organization and has no issue with showing his frustration.

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If the Orioles lose Manny Machado or trade him at the deadline, then Adam Jones is definitely gone. Why would he sign an extension to stay on a team that he knows won’t be competitive?

The Orioles have plenty of good prospects in the minors, including Austin Hays and Cedric Mullins. You can’t keep them in the minors forever.

If Adam Jones leaves after the 2018 season, the outfield could consist of Trey Mancini, Austin Hays, and Cedric Mullins. Would you be ok with that? What if the Adam Jones does sign an extension, would you have him move to right field and have Hays in center?

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You can’t say that Adam Jones didn’t change the culture in Baltimore.  He was one of the players you went to the ballpark to watch before the Orioles started winning in 2012.  It’s going to be a sad day in Baltimore if Adam Jones leaves the Orioles organization.