Baltimore Orioles Need to Keep the Young Core Together

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17: Trey Mancini
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17: Trey Mancini /

The Baltimore Orioles need to make up for the mistakes that they’ve with Manny Machado and possibly Jonathan Schoop.

Even if the Baltimore Orioles trade Manny Machado and don’t extend Jonathan Schoop, the Orioles still have a young core of players that they can build a team around.  You saw a glimpse of that with Trey Mancini and Dylan Bundy.

If Austin Hays and Chance Sisco get significant playing time in 2018, you can definitely see the Orioles building them.  It would be smart for team management to look into locking Mancini and Bundy up to extensions soon just like they did with Nick Markakis and Adam Jones.

The mistakes were already made by not extending Manny Machado before his second knee surgery.  That would’ve been the smart thing to do so he could’ve been an Oriole beyond 2018.  I like what the Orioles have in Mancini and Bundy.  It would also be good to gauge talks with Kevin Gausman as well.

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Just think of the team if the Orioles had Trey Mancini, Dylan Bundy, Austin Hays, Chance Sisco, Hunter Harvey, Cody Sedlock, and Keegan Akin all in the major in the next two to three years.

They might actually have the talent like the Houston Astros have had with all those young stars that could lead them to a World Series.

It all starts with making smart moves in the organization and keeping the right players around for that consistency even in the era of free agency.  Keeping the core together will keep the fanbase happy.

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I know that down the road Brady Anderson will do the right thing to keep the core intact because he’s learning and seeing what other teams have done.  Once he’s the new General Manager of the Orioles, they will handle their players better than in the Dan Duquette era.