Is Baltimore Orioles EVP Dan Duquette Bitter at Orioles Organization?

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - APRIL 04: General manager Dan Duquette (L) and Buck Showalter
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND - APRIL 04: General manager Dan Duquette (L) and Buck Showalter /

Whether it be the lack of offseason acquisitions, contract extensions, pitching, or even trying to trade the Baltimore Orioles best player, fans are eager to see Dan Duquette leave Baltimore.

Is Baltimore Orioles Executive Vice President Dan Duquette still bitter at the organization?

We all heard the rumors during the 2014 Major League Baseball winter meetings in San Diego. The Toronto Blue Jays were targeting Dan Duquette to be its president and chief executive officer.

Orioles owner Peter Angelos wouldn’t let Duquette out of his contract, especially for a division rival. My thoughts are that Dan Duquette is still bitter at the Orioles for not allowing him to pursue that promotion.

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In a way to get back at the Orioles, Duquette is single-handedly tearing up the Orioles Organization. Have you noticed the lack of acquisitions the Orioles have made since the 2014 winter meetings?

He’s traded away some of the Orioles top pitching prospects who have since shined in the Majors. Take Zach Davies, for instance, and he’s proving to be a legitimate starter for the Milwaukee Brewers.

It was apparent at the 2017 trade deadline that Dan Duquette was living in a fantasy world. The Orioles never had a shot at making the postseason. Manny Machado and Zach Britton could’ve brought back a lot of good prospects so the rebuilding period could start in Baltimore.

The Orioles should’ve done what the New York Yankees did and now look, the Yankees have so much talent and are going to be good for a while.

The 2017-18 MLB offseason has been unusually quiet for most teams. For the Baltimore Orioles, they still have three vacancies in the starting rotation that are yet to be addressed. Orioles spring training starts in about a month, and the roster needs help.

Dan Duquette is likely the reason behind the Machado mess the Orioles now must deal with this season. In his last year of his contract, Duquette may vanish from Baltimore worse shape than it was when he first came on board.

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Machado situation and let him walk without getting anything in return for him. For now, Orioles fans must endure one more year of false hope from Duquette following the 2018 season.