Looking at What’s Next for the Baltimore Orioles and Zach Britton

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17: Zach Britton
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 17: Zach Britton /
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The Baltimore Orioles’ All-Star closer, Zach Britton, suffered a torn Achilles tendon on Tuesday, which he will need to have surgically repaired.

The Baltimore Orioles news was another painful blow to an organization that has not exactly had a great offseason so far.

It also was a painful blow to Britton. Britton has made himself into not only one of the best closers in the game, but also a popular figure in Baltimore.

The comments Britton made to several beat reporters highlights how frustrating this is for him.

"“We just got in the car after the day was over and started crying. I put in a lot of work coming to California and doing physical therapy on my knee, started throwing earlier than I normally do. I felt really good…I was excited to get the season going just because I put the work in to be ready. It’s a gut-punch. Like, why? Why now? Why after all of that? So it’s just frustrating.” – Britton speaking to Roch Kubatko"

His 2017 did not go the way he wanted due to a forearm and later leg injuries. Now, his 2018 will start on a much different foot than he had hoped.

The timetable for the injury is typically six to eight months. Britton will no doubt rush that timeframe, and once he is fully recovered there should be no lasting effects from the injury.

The business side of this injury has several different futures for both Britton and also the Orioles. So, let’s look at them.

Baltimore Orioles trade rumors: Zach Britton
TORONTO, ON – APRIL 13: Zach Britton /

Zach Britton and the 2018 Baltimore Orioles Season

There are two sides to this. Right now, Britton is an Oriole in 2018. However, he will likely be out until early June, maybe late May. He also will probably receive 12-13 million dollars in arbitration, which is a hefty price to pay for a closer who won’t pitch part of the season.

The Orioles can keep him on the team and pay him and show their dedication to a player who has done an excellent job for them.

Britton is the longest-tenured Oriole, is well-liked throughout the team and the team’s fans.

The Orioles, who are running a business, can also decide to release Britton and only pay him a fraction of that arbitration amount, saving money they can put toward starting pitching.