Baltimore Orioles Fielding Calls on Superstar Manny Machado

BALTIMORE, MD - JUNE 07: Manny Machado
BALTIMORE, MD - JUNE 07: Manny Machado /

In advance of Major League Baseball’s Winter Meetings, the Baltimore Orioles reportedly are receiving calls on Manny Machado.

Baltimore Orioles third baseman Manny Machado is entering his final year of his contract before becoming an MLB free agent in 2019. However, Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported Thursday afternoon that the Baltimore Orioles are starting to receive calls on Machado.

While no offers reportedly exist, Heyman names four teams that would make sense for Machado:

  • New York Yankees
  • Philadelphia Phillies
  • St. Louis Cardinals
  • San Francisco Giants

Well, let’s review:

One of those teams are not like the others, and that’s the Yankees. The Orioles will not trade Machado to the Yankees in a million years. Not happening. If he signs there as a free agent, that’s a different story.

The other three are all possible. The Giants and Cardinals are two of the leaders in the Giancarlo Stanton sweepstakes. It is quite possible the loser could turn to the Orioles.

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Then there is the Phillies. Many people believe the Phillies could be a long-term destination for Machado.

I personally believe Machado will want to be on the east coast long-term, and you would think that the team who tries to acquire him will want to keep him long-term, or at least have that discussion before the deal is signed off.

The Phillies minor league system is teeming with talent. The downside is that most of it is position players, and the Orioles have plenty of those. However, there is some pitching in the Phils’ system, particularly in the lower levels (similar to the Orioles).

The Giants’ farm system is in worse shape than Baltimore, and that makes it tough to think they would be the most logical trade option for the Birds.

The Cardinals, however, have a ton of young pitching, as they usually do. This would be a place where the Orioles could probably get some of the pitching they need (and covet) so much.

There is another element to this report that I find extremely interesting.

The MLB Winter Meetings start on Sunday at the gorgeous Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort (if you can stay there, do it, you won’t regret it!). Most noteworthy, it’s where all the MLB trade rumors and free agent signings form as front offices converge.

Manny Machado could join Stanton as the talk of the Winter Meetings. And that could get other teams interested, teams who don’t need a third baseman, but need a shortstop. You know the saying strike while the iron’s hot. Well, Dan Duquette now is the time.

I would love to have Machado and make the World Series. But, I don’t think the pitching is going to be good enough, as pitchers continue to come off the board and the Orioles aren’t making any noise.

So, trade Machado now while you can get the greatest return. Acquire a starting pitcher who can seamlessly join Orioles rotation. Likewise, add a pitcher who needs a little seasoning. Getting pitching for Machado can move the Orioles’ rebuild from five-plus years if Machado walks for nothing, so maybe just a season or two.

Duquette has already made it clear he isn’t a rebuilding kind of guy. Well, make one move, and it won’t be a full rebuild. Instead, the Orioles will need to find a third baseman or shortstop and will have pitching that will be under contract for years.

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Finding someone to put at third base for a year until Ryan Mountcastle is ready is not going to be as tricky as trying to find pitching to fill a rotation. Dan Duquette has a chance not to screw this up. Let’s hope he makes the right decision.