Baltimore Ravens Top 5 All-Time Leaders in Rushing Yards

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - OCTOBER 22: Alex Collins /
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OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 08: Terrance West
OAKLAND, CA – OCTOBER 08: Terrance West /

The Baltimore Ravens have had plenty of great running backs over the years. Here we’ll take a look at the team’s top five all-time leaders in rushing yards.

The Baltimore Ravens have mostly been known as a defensive force in the NFL for the majority of the time they’ve existed, but they’ve had plenty of good offensive players over the years.

They’ve had a bit of trouble in the past with wide receivers, and until they drafted Joe Flacco, they hadn’t really had an established franchise quarterback, but if there’s one place on offense that the Baltimore Ravens have had some success, it’s at the running back position.

Before we dive in, there’s one thing to note about this list: these numbers are these player’s career numbers just with the Baltimore Ravens. They may have come from other teams or later gone to other teams and accumulated more rushing yards, but these are the career leaders specifically for the Baltimore Ravens.

Just a quick bit of interesting trivia – since the Ravens joined the NFL, they’ve had just 11 running backs with over 1,000 career rushing yards with the team. That includes current (but injured) starting running back Terrance West, who is number 10 all-time with 1,092 career rushing yards in Baltimore.

Anyways, without further ado, here are the top five all-time Baltimore Ravens leaders in career rushing yards.