Wizards’ John Wall to Express ‘No Mercy’ to Lakers Rookie Lonzo Ball


The Washington Wizards vs. Los Angeles Lakers continue to intensify following John Wall‘s statement to rookie Lonzo Ball that all stems back to no other than LaVar Ball.

As if Washington Wizards All-Star point guard John Wall need any more motivation, LaVar Ball, father of Los Angeles Lakers rookie point guard Lonzo Ball, did just that moments after the Lakers fell to the New Orleans Pelicans Sunday night.

In a postgame rant, the abrupt father taunted the Wizards after the reporter mentioned the Lakers next opponent. LaVar quickly snapped back at the reporter by stating, “They better beware cause Lonzo ain’t losing again. Not in the same week!”

The comments caught the attention of Wizards starting center Marcin Gortat, who went to Twitter to post his reaction Monday morning in a reply tweet to Ballislife.com:


In the midst of all the pregame hype of Wednesday night’s nationally televised ESPN game, the mature Wall stayed placid.

However, on Tuesday, the Washington Post’s Candace Buckner was able to catch up with the Wizards superstar and asked him if he would show leniency to the new Lakers point guard. Wall responded with, “Nah, no mercy.” Furthermore, Wall added:

"“We didn’t say nothing about him, nothing to him, and he says, ‘The Wizards better be ready because he don’t ever lose two in a row,’” Wall continued, then scoffed at the absurdity of the father’s boast. “Like, this is the league now. It’s a different ballgame.”"

In Los Angeles, the tweet by Gortat, aka The Polish Hammer, wasn’t overlooked in the Lakers locker room. Ball and teammate Brandon Ingram responded:

Ball has already endured effects and pressure of the NBA in the Lakers’ season opener against Los Angeles Clippers point guard, Patrick Beverley. The 29-year-old veteran Beverley was on a mission to ruin Ball’s NBA debut.

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Most importantly, the Wizards will try to stretch their unbeaten start and advance to 4-0 on the season as they play the second game of their four-game West Coast swing.