Baltimore Orioles’ Camden Yards One of the Nicest Places in America

BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 21: Starting pitcher Gabriel Ynoa
BALTIMORE, MD - SEPTEMBER 21: Starting pitcher Gabriel Ynoa /

Reader’s Digest has named the home of the Baltimore Orioles, Camden Yards, as one of the 10 nicest places in America.

The Baltimore Orioles and Oriole Park at Camden Yards are used to receiving numerous accolades, but the latest may carry more weight than some others.

Reader’s Digest recently had a contest for ‘”The 10 Nicest Places in America” and the home of the Baltimore Orioles, Orioles Park at Camden Yards, came out number five on that list.

Camden Yards is the only ballpark on the list and the only thing involved with sports on the list.

"Professional baseball isn’t just our national pastime, it can also be a force for good in the world. By holding its powerful spotlight at the right angle, Oriole Park has gone beyond its role as America’s best ballpark to help big-hearted Baltimore honor its most important heroes."

The quote finishes with a link that expands upon why Camden Yards is a deserving candidate on this list. That story centers around Thomas Moore and Mo Gaba. For Baltimore Orioles fans, these may not be new names.

Moore, 11-years-old, was recognized as a Birdland Community Hero for donating wigs made with his own hair to kids with chemotherapy. Moore was amazed by the opportunity to meet one of his heroes, Adam Jones.

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Gaba, 11-years-old, is one of the children who received a wig from hair donated by Moore. Gaba is known for his Orioles fandom, as a frequent caller to Baltimore sports radio shows. Gaba threw out the first pitch for the game, but he was happy to meet his hero, Moore.

Oriole Park at Camden Yards has become known for many things over the years. Many people consider it the ballpark that changed modern ballparks. With the city line view and a key part of Baltimore’s history playing a part of the stadium, Camden Yards is an icon. It is a ballpark that is in the top five each year for the best ballpark in the game.

Orioles management has made coming to games easy, with policies that are friendly to fans, including being allowed to bring in food and beverages from outside. Most places don’t allow that. Orioles management has also taken steps in recent years to recognize Birdland Heroes, much like Thomas Moore in this piece. They also have worked to honor military members at games as well.

The organization realizes that despite many viewing players as heroes, some of the people sitting in the seats at a game are true heroes, in many different ways.

As Orioles fans, it is often easy to overlook the gem that is Camden Yards. But, for a place to be nice, it isn’t just about looks. It is also about fans.

Much like any visiting city, the Orioles’ fans can be hard on opponents. But, Orioles fans also seem to have a level of respect. But, don’t take that to mean that Camden Yards is a mild, meek place.

As someone who was at the first Orioles’ playoff game in 15 years in 2012, I know just how loud Camden Yards can be. The beloved Craig Sager, who was covering the game for TBS, said at the time he wasn’t sure if he had ever heard a stadium as loud as Camden Yards was that night.

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Camden Yards is not just a local treasure for Oriole fans, the City of Baltimore, and Major League Baseball. Camden Yards, and the work done by the Angelos family and others across the Orioles’ organization is a national treasure that transcends baseball. That is something we should all be proud of.