NFL Draft: Top 10 outer linebackers the Ravens should target

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The 2017 NFL Draft was already going to be a critical one for the Baltimore Ravens, but now with recent developments on the team, it seems that it will be even more critical. Here are ten OLBs the team should target in the draft.

We already knew, based on how the Baltimore Ravens did this past season, that the upcoming NFL Draft was going to be crucial for the team. The Ravens are in need of upgrades in several positions, and one of the best ways to do that is in the NFL Draft.

Now with the surprise retirement of Zach Orr, the teams leader in tacklers last year and a player who was thought of as one of the linebackers of the future for the team, the pressure is on the Baltimore Ravens to draft well.

One of the positions the team is in desperate need of is an edge rusher, an outside linebacker/defensive end who can fit their 3-4 defensive scheme well. Fortunately for them, there are a lot of talented OLBs in this year’s draft class.

Here are the top-ten OLBs that the Baltimore Ravens should target in this year’s NFL Draft (note: I have specifically excluded top-pick Myles Garrett, as he is projected to go very early in the first round well before the Ravens pick. If, however, he were to fall to the team somehow, he would be my number one choice):