Baltimore Orioles: Five Best Trades Of All Time

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Jul 1, 2016; Seattle, WA, USA; Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones (10) catches his bat after grounding out during the first inning against the Seattle Mariners at Safeco Field. Mandatory Credit: Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Orioles have made a lot of fantastic trades over the years, along with some bad ones. But which trades are the five best in team history?

More often than not, trades in the MLB (or really any sport) don’t amount to a whole lot. You get a lot of small deals; a bullpen pitcher for cash considerations, an old utility player traded for a shot-in-the-dark prospect, but not too often do trades affect teams in a major way.

However, there have been plenty of times that teams have traded away all-star quality players for virtually nothing, and when looking back at the trades, they seem incredibly lopsided. Unfortunately for the Orioles, they’ve been on the bad end of a few trades in their team’s history.

The Glenn Davis trade and the Jake Arrieta trade often come right to mind for most Orioles fans (though I disagree on the general opinion of the Arrieta trade), but the Orioles have made some great deals too. So what five trades are the best deals the Orioles have made in the history of their team?

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