Maryland Football: Head Coaching Job is One of the Best Available


Oct 10, 2015; Columbus, OH, USA; A general of the Maryland Terrapins equipment truck outside of Ohio Stadium before the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Mandatory Credit: Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The Maryland football team is currently sitting with a 2-5 overall record. But, don’t let that fool you. Despite their less than impressive record, lack of talent and a midseason coaching change, the program should be attractive for prospective coaches who are looking to take over the job in College Park.

When you take an in-depth look at the Maryland athletic program, well beyond the numbers, you see that there is plenty of potential that exists there. Now, it’s all about realizing it. Here are the factors which make Maryland one of the best head coaching vacancies in the country.

Recruiting Hotbed:

For years, the Baltimore and DMV areas have produced a wealth of elite high school football talent. Typically, large state schools dominate their areas in terms of recruiting, but that has not been the case for the Terps. Until now, that is.

Maryland has done a much better job at recruiting locally as of late, building momentum though ‘The Movement,’ which was designed to keep all the top high school football players from the area to stay home and play for the Terps. The movement gained plenty of steam this past offseason as Maryland reeled in a number of talented players, including four-stars, quarterback Dwayne Haskins Jr., offensive lineman Quarvez Boulware, and wide receivers Tino Ellis and Darryl Turner.

Under Armour:

Although it may seem a bit odd that a shoe and apparel manufacturer would play a major factor in the success of a program, but it does. Look at Oregon and how successful they have been over the years. Sure, they recruit well and have had a proven system. However, what cannot be ignored is the significant impact that Nike has had on the program as a whole.

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In a sense, Maryland is becoming the Oregon of the East Coast (minus the on-field success). The Terps are know for their crafty and easily recognizable uniforms. This also ties into recruiting. The old adage holds true: look good, feel good, play good. These kids who are being recruited firmly believe in that notion, so having a flashy uniform could appeal to young players, even if the record isn’t up to par.

Climbing the Big Ten

Who wouldn’t want to coach in a Power 5 conference? That alone, is intriguing. The Terps aren’t serious contenders in the Big Ten yet. In fact, they have a ways to go. But, with the last two recruiting classes, something special could be brewing in College Park.

Great coaches love to challenge themselves. This would be a challenge. It won’t be easy to turn this program around, but accomplishing that task is certainly feasible within two or three years. Considering the resources the Maryland football program has at its disposal, it’s not hard to imagine the Terps becoming a factor in the Big Ten in the near future.

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