Baltimore Ravens: 5 Keys to Victory vs. Cleveland Browns

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The Baltimore Ravens did not envision that they would be 1-3 heading into their second home game against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday, but no one is going to feel sorry for them either. They put themselves in this situation by not playing consistent football. There has not been a game in which the entire team can say it played a good game. When the offense has looked good, the defense has looked bad. When the defense has played well, the offense has let them down.

The Ravens were fortunate to head into Pittsburgh on a short week and escape with a win against a Steelers team that was without Ben Roethlisberger. It was a win the team desperately needed, regardless of the situation that the Steelers were in. No one wishes injury on another player, but deep down, the Ravens were thrilled to know that they would go up against a backup quarterback in Michael Vick on just three days of prearation.

It was the perfect scenario after starting 0-3, getting that important win and then having that extra preparation for this week’s game against the Browns. The 0-3 start was painful to watch, but if the Ravens can get back to 2-3 before heading out to the West Coast again, the season still looks salvageable.

All that cannot be done without a win this week against those Browns. Cleveland is also sitting at 1-3, with their win coming against rookie Marcus Mariota and the Tennessee Titans in Week 2. Johnny Manziel was in at quarterback for that game, but the team is still sticking with Josh McCown for the time being. Despite the one win, the Browns have been competitive in just about every contest and there is nothing that we have seen that makes you think that the Ravens are capable of being able to dominate them as in years past.

If the Ravens are going to get a win over Cleveland this weekend, here are the five keys to victory:

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