Steve Smith Sr. ejected in game against Washington Redskins


Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. was probably in line for a short night of work in the team’s third preseason game against the Washington Redskins. Little did we know he would end his night on his own.

Smith was ejected from the game tonight following an incident on the field that resulted in both teams scuffling near the Redskins sideline. Smith was upset with the Redskins defense after this inexcusable play on Ravens WR Kamar Aiken by Redskins linebacker Keenan Robinson.

Naturally, Steve Smith was one of the first Ravens player to stand up for his fellow receiver, and he had every right to do so. That “tackle” could have broken Aiken’s neck. The hit was unnecessary for any game to begin with, and even more ridiculous in a meaningless preseason game.

Smith was jawing with the entire Redskins sideline before the officials announced that he would be removed from the game. He was having a terrific first quarter, hauling in four catches for 94 yards, including a 64-yard touchdown on the Raven’s first drive. He caught the ball in space, made a defender miss and burned the Redskins defense for the score. Anyone who thinks he is going to slow down in his final season in the NFL knows very little about the Ravens’ firecracker.

Not long after the incident, Smith’s son Peyton posted this picture on his twitter account.

I guess there was some good that came out of the melee. It does make you wonder why Smith is sitting in the stands and not on the sidelines with his teammates.

The action did not end there when John Harbaugh ran to get his players away from the Redskins sideline. Redskins coach Jay Gruden said something to the Ravens coach, and Harbaugh was not to pleased, giving Gruden more than enough to chew on.

The play on the field has been pretty one sided as the Ravens are currently leading 13-0, and the Redskins have a total of 75 yards of offense after a quarter and a half. The play in the first quarter is exactly what the Ravens coaching staff was hoping for to close out the preseason.

Or maybe not. The Ravens backups would come on and let the Redskins score 31 unanswered points to get the 31-13 win. It was a good showing from Joe Flacco, Smith and the Ravens starting offense, but Matt Schaub continued to struggle.

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