Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints: Five Keys to Victory

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Who Wins the Kick Return Jobs?

One of the serious unknowns entering this season is who will take over Jacoby Jones‘ role as the kick and punt returner. Jones will always be remembered in Baltimore for his play in the Ravens’ Super Bowl run, but the reality is that the return game was his only value to the team.

As Jeremiah Sater touched on earlier this week, the battle is wide open. The team currently lists Asa Jackson as the kick returner and Michael Campanaro as the punt returner. That is no guarantee for either as both of those players are in battles to win roster spots and the return game might be their only hope. Some of the other players who spent time returning kicks at Monday’s practice were Aldrick Robinson, DeAndre Carter, Lardarius Webb and Steve Smith Sr. One would have to believe the only reason Webb and Smith were fielding kicks were preparations should a scenario arrive that the top option goes down. Both are too valuable on their respective side of the ball to risk injuries returning kicks.

It is possible that the final wide receiver or corner spot depends on who wins the job. The Ravens have an influx of talent at both positions now and will likely carry an extra player at one of those positions. No one has really stood out yet and Harbaugh is hopeful that someone literally runs away with the job.

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