Baltimore Ravens vs. New Orleans Saints: Five Keys to Victory

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Marc Trestman’s Offense

In Trestman’s first game as the Ravens offensive coordinator, it is likely that most of the starting offense will play sparingly. It will be interesting to see how the run-pass ratio turns out throughout the game, however. Trestman has vowed to keep the same running schemes as Kubiak, but Trestman has been known for being a more down-the-field passer as well.

Many people scrutinized Trestman for not using Chicago Bears running back Matt Forte enough as a rusher. However, the reality is the Bears found themselves in situations where they were forced to throw because of their terrible defense. What option does Trestman have when his team is losing games 55-14 and 51-23 in consecutive weeks?

That won’t be the case while he’s in Baltimore because the Ravens defense would never allow that to happen. Trestman has a better quarterback in Joe Flacco and one of the top offensive lines in the game. The Ravens will continue to pound the rock, but will likely throw more than recent seasons. This will be our first game to see how that plays out.

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