Baltimore Orioles: Looking at the Remaining 2015 Schedule


Jul 30, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Bud Norris (25) pitches to Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler (3) during the fifth inning at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Baltimore Orioles are into their annual West Coast trip that involves nine total games in Los Angeles, Oakland and Seattle, what will remain of the 2015 schedule as they return home?

After this trip, the Orioles will have played a total of 113 games, so 49 will remain. Of those games, 29 will be at home with 20 on the road. Again, if the Orioles can have a good road trip, this positions them well with so many remaining home games.

[ Late night update – Miguel Gonzalez pitched relatively well in the Tuesday night start, but the Orioles gave him no run support in an eventual 5-0 loss to the Oakland A’s. ]

Immediately upon returning to Charm City, the Orioles will have a 10-game homestand: opening with four against the A’s, closing with four against the Twins, with two in the middle versus the Mets. As we are seeing right now in Oakland, the A’s are not much of an offense, but they can pitch. The Twins seem to be in a current slide that will hopefully continue for a couple of weeks; and the Mets have been hot of late, just as they were in early May when they beat the Birds 3-2 and 5-1.

Relative to the A.L. East teams, the Orioles have a home and away series with each of the four opponents. There is a total of six games each with the Yankees and Red Sox, with seven each with the Rays and Jays. That totals to 26 games – more than half of those remaining after this road trip.

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This leaves but a total of 13 other games. The bad news is that seven of these games are against the Kansas City Royals — four of them on the road, with three at home. Beyond that, the remaining six games feature three in Washington and three in Texas.

There are more than a few challenges with this schedule. Yet there are opportunities. The Orioles really need to do well on this trip against teams that are not currently playing well; and the same can be said for the following 10-game homestand. The O’s also need to beat up on the Rays and Red Sox, while gaining some ground with both the Yankees and Jays – two teams that have 13 games remaining against each other.

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