Baltimore Orioles: Ranked at #21 in the Weekly FanSided Rankings


Jun 11, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones (10) celebrates with catcher Matt Wieters (32) after hitting a solo home run during the first inning off Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Wade Miley(not pictured) at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Mandatory Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The FanSided Network is the sports and entertainment system of which The Baltimore Wire is a part. Not only are there team sites for every team in every major sport, there are general sites for football, basketball, hockey, baseball, etc.  Our page is an example of a local site that covers all the professional and college sports in a metropolitan region.

On the general baseball page there is a weekly power rankings put together at that site by writer Kyle Franzoni. These sorts of rankings always generate debate, as they involve a good measure of opinion as well as factual information.

So how do the Baltimore Orioles rank at this moment? The O’s have won six of the last seven games and things are looking much improved. However, they were only able to move up one spot from 22nd place a week ago, to 21st place now.

The writer notes the wins, commenting as well on Adam Jones heating up and hitting some long balls. And he remarks upon the return of Matt Wieters and his early contributions to the offense.

So while it may feel a bit offensive for the team that won the second-most games in 2014 to be ranked more than two-thirds of the way down the list, what can we really expect after the rather dismal beginning for this season? Even so, if the O’s stay at this place, it will be a disaster of a season as compared to the hopes for this squad.

The Orioles are ranked immediately ahead of the Mariners (#22) and the Red Sox (#23) … so there is that! Nelson Cruz has had some back spasms and Robinson Cano has not been hitting well. And we just saw how the Sox are honestly not a very good team.

The Blue Jays have won eight consecutive games and moved up from #19 to #16. The writer states that with a 2.16 ERA from the pitching staff, they have the best numbers so far in June. And we know they have plenty of offensive power.

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The Rays are listed at #12. And though they have been somehow able to pull out a surprising number of wins given their roster, this still seems a bit generous. They now have more injuries, and surely Tampa Bay has to start dropping.

And finally, the Yankees are listed at #7.  They too had a winning streak of seven games, but still, seventh place seems generous as well. After the Orioles sweep them this weekend, and before Andrew Miller gets back from the DL, the O’s will be ahead of them in the standings.

So who is #1, and who are the top five teams?  You’ll have to go there to see!