Baltimore Orioles: What is the Right Title for Mike Wright?


May 17, 2015; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Orioles pitcher Mike Wright (59) throws a pitch in the first inning against the Los Angeles Angels at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Mandatory Credit: Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

You have to know that every writer everywhere who is writing about the Baltimore Orioles today is using some sort of double-entendre turn of words for an article title:

“The Wright Stuff at the Right Time,” or “Wright Rights the O’s Ship,” or “Orioles’ Wright is All Right!” or “Wright Writes the Right Story for the Orioles.” I kinda like that last one!

It was a storybook debut start for Mike Wright who did provide the right stuff at the right time against the Angels: 7.1 scoreless innings with only four hits and no walks. The big kid gave the Orioles a big lift, salvaging the final game of the series and keeping the O’s from falling to five games under .500.

The most pitches that Wright had thrown this season prior to today were 87. On his 88th pitch, he struck out David Freese on a high 97 mph fastball. Not bad stuff! But truly, he was excellent all day, with great pitch efficiency, throwing no more than 15 in any single inning. He ended with 90 total, while also collecting six strikeouts.

So does the new kid get to stay with the Orioles? In jesting, Buck said, “He didn’t pitch a full-game shutout, so he’s outta here!”  But seriously, this will be a decision to be made by Monday night – the evening of an off day. And that will be the final of such for a long, long time.

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With Bud Norris both battling a pretty serious bronchitis situation – on top of a previous sickness and along with his poor season start – I know what I would do in the Orioles’ position. It would seem like a time to DL him, let him get healthy, step away from the game for a short time and do a clean re-start on the season.

But the Orioles are slow to do something like that with a veteran who served them so well just a year ago. I am not sure that level of loyalty, though commendable, always serves them well.

Another issue is Chris Tillman and his back condition. All that is known at this moment is that Miguel Gonzalez will start on Tuesday … maybe Tillman on Wednesday? We’ll have to see how it all develops.

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