Maryland Terrapins: Stefon Diggs Will Excel as a Minnesota Viking


A few days removed from the 2015 NFL Draft, the former Maryland Terrapin wide receiver Stefon Diggs has found a home in Minnesota. He was picked by the Minnesota Vikings  in the fifth round, 146th overall. They’re getting a quality receiver in this quick, fast and elusive guy who can make plays at any time with the ball in his hands.

He has great ability and can do just about anything: return kicks and punts, play outside the numbers, in the slot, etc.

General Manager Rick Spielman saw enough in Diggs to draft him and he sees someone that could fit right in in Minnesota:

"He was a guy, that when we got there at that point, he can do so many things – he’s played outside, he’s played in the slot, he’s done some return stuff, probably had a little bit of a year that was down for him and his standards. The multiple things that he can do, and again, any time we see an athlete and ability to develop these guys, and we felt that he’d fit right in that mold.- Rick Spielman"

Stefon Diggs at 6’0 195 lbs needs to bulk up in order to withstand the physicality of defensive backs and linebackers at the pro level. Especially if he is going to be a slot receiver in the Vikings offense. If he can get up to 220 lbs and still maintain his speed, he would be in an ideal position as a NFL wideout. That added muscle will give him what he needs to be a solid outside receiver and take bump and run coverage with no problem.

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Looking at the roster and the wide receivers the Vikings have, Stefon Diggs can work his way to become the third wide receiver on the depth chart because I presume the first and second spots will be held down by Cordarrelle Patterson and Mike Wallace respectively. He is in a good company of guys at his position. Even though the Vikings collectively as an offense aren’t quite intact just yet, Stefon Diggs can help their offense get off the ground with quarterback Teddy Bridgewater at the controls.

Diggs can grow in Minnesota and become great being coached by George Stewart and Drew Petzing, the wide receiver coaches for the Vikings.

Stefon Diggs has a home in Minnesota and Maryland Terrapins fans are behind him every step of the way. The journey begins now.

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